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Liberia: Make Sure You Have International Private Medical Insurance And Travel Insurance

Liberia: Make Sure You Have International Private Medical Insurance And Travel Insurance

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office no longer advise against all but essential travel to Liberia. The World Health Organisation declared Liberia Ebola transmission free on 14 January 2016. Avoid travelling at night outside Monrovia, except to or from Roberts International Airport. Make sure you have pre-arranged transport from the airport.

Terrorism Risks Liberia

There is a low threat from terrorism but remain vigilant after recent attacks in Cote d’Ivoire, Mali and Burkina Faso, especially in places visited by foreigners. 

Ebola Risks Liberia

Although the chances of being infected remain low, there are measures you can take to prevent catching Ebola. Follow the health advice on the NHS Choices website.

Medical Care, Treatment and Access Liberia

Medical facilities throughout Liberia are poorly equipped. There are no emergency services. Blood supplies are unreliable and unsafe. Medication is scarce. There is no effective public or commercial accident and emergency or ambulance service anywhere in the country.

You should carry basic medical supplies. Ensure you have adequate supplies of prescription medication, bearing in mind the risk of delays due to flight cancellations.

Getting medical care in Liberia may be difficult because the health infrastructure has been severely strained by the Ebola outbreak. Although separate treatment facilities were set up to respond to the Ebola outbreak, general medical facilities throughout Liberia are unable to provide the same standard of healthcare as in the UK and in rural areas are rudimentary. Many medical facilities expect to be paid up-front for treatment. If you travel to Liberia, stay in contact with your employer or host organisation about the support that they can provide to you while you’re in the country.

International Private Medical And Travel Insurance For Liberia

Make sure you have adequate international private medical insurance and travel insurance, plus easily accessible funds to cover the cost of any medical treatment abroad in Liberia, or medical evacuation or repatriation from Liberia

Malaria In Liberia

Malaria is a serious problem throughout Liberia, including in Monrovia.


22 February 2015, the Liberian government announced that it was reopening its borders and lifting a curfew that was imposed in August 2014. Enhanced screening measures for both inbound and outbound travellers remain in place. There may be delays at Liberia’s land border crossings due to enhanced screening measures.

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